E-Entrepreneurship Education

What is the E-Entrepreneurship Education Program?

Thanks to federal stimulus dollars from the government, high-speed Internet awareness, education and use in Arkansas is being addressed. To accomplish this goal, Connect Arkansas is providing no-cost, hands-on training opportunities to students in Arkansas schools who have little or no experience in creating a business idea or business plan, and bringing their ideas to the online commerce world.

Why teach E-Entrepreneurship Education?

Simply put: The future of Arkansans depend on it. The business world of today looks very different than it did even 10 years ago and the importance of Internet in business is undeniable. Today, entrepreneurs and small business owners have a myriad of tools at their disposal to help grow their business. These tools are creating increased global competition, as markets are no longer limited by geography, but rather wide open to those willing to enter them with great e-commerce business ideas.

What type of class or student is this learning appropriate for?

This program has been taught in varying classes including accounting, keyboarding, marketing, EAST labs and even home sciences. We have even had requests from fine arts teachers interested in rounding out their students learning. The philosophy behind this (and it has proven itself out in the classroom) is much like for an accounting course. Students who are planning on a career or vocation that will require them to potentially deal directly with commerce and management from their craft or the business they work for are well advised to learn about the subject.

How is the training provided?

Connect Arkansas teaches a series of dynamic training lessons designed to provide students with the skills needed to start an Internet business. Students in grades 7 -12 receive hands-on training with iPads and web-based content management tools to help in creating a business idea and turning it into a functional online business website.

How much in-class time will this require?

The program consists of four to six hours of classroom time utilizing a mix of online training videos and hands-on learning from the Connect Arkansas staff. This curriculum is aligned with the current state frameworks. The program will also give the option to teachers and students to create a hosted website for their e-commerce business ideas.

Is this program only taught in schools?

No, the grant funds are available for any locations in which students may be taught. Summer programs, community center programs, churches, boys/girls clubs, scouting programs and any other venue where students can be instructed is eligible within the 57 counties.

How can my school or organization get involved?

Connect Arkansas is currently scheduling classes. Our program is funded through a multi-year grant from the American Recovery and Investment Act of 2009. Grant funds are focused on 57 counties determined by the the Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) program for Sustainable Broadband Adoption to have the most critical needs for broadband adoption in Arkansas. If your school or organization resides within one of these 57 counties, you qualify for this program, which means the program can be fully funded including on-line programming, travel and instructor costs as well as lunch provided for students involved. If your organization resides outside of this service area please contact us for details on how to bring the program to your area.

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For Parents and Teachers:

To request a program for your school or organization, contact us here.

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