In 2007, Connect Arkansas was designated to lead the State of Arkansas and its then-2.7 million citizens on a journey in adopting a technology that has been described by some as the "most transformational since the advent of electricity." The uses of Internet in daily life are many - communication, education, business and more - although not all Arkansans see the benefits of broadband Internet access.

The journey to change the way people think is not an easy one, but the reality is that the world has begun to realize the importance of Internet in daily life. As with any life-changing force, its acceptance or adoption can only be achieved when an impetus for change is strong enough to overcome the amount of natural resistance or functional barriers already in place to do so.

Connect Arkansas is attempting every day to run past those barriers through several dynamic programs designed to help educate Arkansans about the uses of Internet in daily life and the importance of the Internet in education, business and development.

To achieve this, Connect Arkansas has adopted a multi-faceted approach to high speed Internet availability through partnerships and innovative programs including:

Advocacy Programs

Educational Programs