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Address-Level Interactive Map

Connect Arkansas Interactive Map

Enter your address and zip code in the fields provided and a map will appear with an icon of a home at the address. You will then be asked to confirm if the address entered is in the correct location, after which the map will allow you to select the different technologies to show whether or not high-speed internet is available at that address.

  • If high-speed Internet is available a list will appear with the names of the providers once you've selected a technology type.
  • If the map says Internet is available but you know it is not - or the type or service or provider that is listed is not correct you can leave feedback letting us know.

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State Overview Interactive Map

State Overview Interactive Map

This map is a high level overview of where high-speed Internet access is in Arkansas. You can view each individual technology by selecting the desired technology type from the drop down menu to toggle the layer you wish to see, however specific provider information will not be available.

This map allows for you to enter specific Latitude and Longitude coordinates, a specific zip code, or an address that you may have in mind.

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About Connect Arkansas's Interactive Maps

Connect Arkansas has worked closely with high-speed Internet service providers in Arkansas since 2008 to gather data on where they offer high-speed Internet services.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the State of Arkansas each define high-speed Internet as "download speeds no less than 768 kbps and upload speeds no less than 200 kbps. Connect Arkansas does not map any coverage areas from a service provider that falls below the 768kbps/200kbps threshold.

Connect Arkansas strives to update the coverage data on our maps as quickly as possible. We are also working on a continual basis to validate and improve the accuracy of the maps we publish. One of the validation techniques is the feedback provided by the people that utilize the interactive maps linked above. All feedback provided to Connect Arkansas will be used to improve the precision of all data given to us by Internet Service Providers.