Connect Arkansas Announces Plans to Participate in Global Entrepreneurship Week November 12-18

Connect Arkansas, a project of The Arkansas Capital Corporation, today announced its participation in Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW).

Connect Arkansas is hosting an elevator pitch open house on Tuesday November 13 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Connect AR TV studio to allow local entrepreneurs to tape elevator pitches for their personal use, as well as for use by Connect Arkansas’s Venture Connect project. Interested participants can sign up at

New online educational resources for entrepreneurs will be available on the website, and include information on “Perfecting Your Pitch,” as well as a Digital Learning Library with many resources to help entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground. Additional resources are also available at

Being part of GEW unites Arkansas with millions of innovators, job creators, business owners, world leaders, celebrity entrepreneurs and companies under the celebration of entrepreneurship. With more than 40,000 events spread out over a seven day period in more than 120 countries, GEW offers individuals—entrepreneurs, small business owners and even ambitious high school students—a chance to unleash their ideas and discover their potential. “Global Entrepreneurship Week gives aspiring, emerging and existing Arkansas-based entrepreneurs a chance to be creative and build connections, and to start companies, which spurs economic growth,” said C. Sam Walls, president of Connect Arkansas and chief executive officer of Arkansas Capital Corporation. “It’s always been the mission of Arkansas Capital to empower entrepreneurs, so we are excited to be part of this global initiative at a local level.”

Arkansas’s participation in GEW is important because entrepreneurship creates jobs – and many of the new jobs in entrepreneurial economies come from firms less than five years old. Leaders around the world view GEW as a way to stimulate and support entrepreneurship and the ecosystem it needs to thrive.

The Arkansas Capital Corporation Group (ACCG) is a privately held group of for-profit and non-profit corporations dedicated to improving the lives of Arkansans. ACCG and its affiliate companies empower entrepreneurs by providing capital to businesses through its lending programs and advocating for entrepreneurs through capital, educational and technological improvements. ACCG serves as the platform from which new opportunities are launched and today includes eight affiliates including Arkansas Capital Corporation (ACC), Six Bridges Capital Corporation (6BCC), Arkansas Capital Relending Corporation (ACRC), Arkansas Economic Acceleration Foundation (AEAF), Diamond State Ventures (DSV), Heartland Renaissance Fund (HRF), Connect Arkansas, and Pine State Capital (PSC).

Connect Arkansas, established in 2007, is a private, non-profit corporation dedicated to increasing high-speed Internet subscription and improving and sustaining Internet adoption throughout Arkansas. The Connect Arkansas Broadband Act was signed into law by Gov. Mike Beebe on March 28, 2007, with the goal of improving personal lives and creating economic opportunity for Arkansans. Connect Arkansas seeks to advance that goal through community-based initiatives.